Network Rollout and Commissioning

ICS understands the importance of a fast, efficient and professional network rollout, and have solutions that provide you the fastest time to market

ICS Installation and Commissioning of Telecom equipment including all the activities needed to make a base station or transmission site operational and to function as a part of a telecommunication network. We provide installation and commissioning services of antennas and antenna lines, installation, commissioning and integration of base stations, microwave links.
Microwave (MW) Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit
  • Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder
  • Commissioning of MW link & Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level
  • Integration of MW link

BTS/NODE Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation of BTS/Node B, termination of radio feeder cables, antennas and grounding kits
  • Load BTS/Node B software and set up needed parameters
  • Support for the integration as per procedures and quality requirements.


  • Installation of MSC, BSC, PACO – SGSN, GGSN, SGW, PGW, UCS, Firewalls

EMF Testing

  • Building assessments – Health
  • Identification of wiring errors and stray currents
  • Equipment interference issues
  • Baseline for field reduction methods
  • Long-term data logging to evaluate fluctuations in EMF levels

Our current offerings covers annual maintenance contracts, field engineer, logistics, remote tech support for all of them:
End User Device Support

Desktops, Laptops, VC devices, IP phones, Printers, Scanners etc.

Network and Security Support

Firewall, Routers, Switches, Load Balancers, Software Modernization & Optimization and other Wireless Technologies.

Platform and Storage Support

Entry to high level services for Storages, Servers, Database Management and Monitoring Support.

Application, Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance

CIA assessment, SLA’s, Application risk management, Access reviews, System development life cycle management

Identity and Access Management

Access management platform, Identity administration platform, 247/management and proactive monitoring, incident management, monthly reports and analysis

Managed Security Services

Manage Firewall, IPS and VPN, DDos Migration, Anti-malware protection, Cloud security, Log collection, Data center protection, Security baseline (standard, patches, and configuration and compliance), Risk mitigation, SLA's service delivery

For any IT support, our client's call us at our customer support center, and we tailor our support service plans to meet our customer needs. Whether you need 7x24x365 support, help desk only, pro-active network monitoring, automated diagnostics and ticket-opening, spare management or a completely reactive system - or anything in between.

ICS Advantage

Prime security integrator with increased profitability through early risk management
Provides Unified Authentication Management, Authorization Management and Single sign-on, access control, etc.
Allows simple setup procedures for new application security deployment.
Security assurance

Follow legislative and standard requirement such as: PCI DSS, UK DPA and ISO 9001-2008

Optimize controls related to people, processes, and technology
Solid security processes with continual risk identification/mitigation

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